Frequently asked questions

Spanish Course

How many sessions does a Spanish Class have?

A Spanish class level consists of 15 3-hour sessions

How are the classes handled and where?

It's a classroom setup via Zoom

How many levels to become a Spanish Bilingual?

You can start speaking Spanish and be understood after level 4 (past, present, future tense) but we recommend that you finish 6 levels to learn all the grammars (conditional and subjunctive)

What are the requirements to enroll?

You need an internet connection and a device, preferrably a laptop or desktop. Mobile phones and tablets are ok but you will have a smaller screen

Will there be a job assistance after I finish the whole Spanish course?

Yes. We have a partner recruitment firm who will take care of the job applications

What are the inclusions of the Php3,000 tuition?

Soft copy of modules and Certification

How many levels are there?

There are 6 levels in total: Level 1 - A1 Level 2 - A2 Level 3 - B1 Level 4 - B2 Level 5 - C1 Level 6 - C2

What if I already have a little knowledge on the Language?

We have a diagnostic exam so we can gauge your level of fluency of the language.